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Founded in 2020, a response to COVID-19 reskilling needs, Virginia Ready is helping Virginians take control of their futures by opening the doors to new career paths and advocating for employers to place equal weight on credential-based applicants (in comparison to those with two and four-year degrees). Virginia Ready approached CURE to reimage the future of the organization as they moved from an initiative to a long-term permanent catalyst to emphasize the importance of credentialing in career development and job readiness. The project has included messaging, new mission and vision statements, taglines, a new logo, and a recruitment campaign for their customer service credential in partnership with Genworth, Maximus, and the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA). 

The logo mark specifically embodied the organization’s new direction and was developed as a combination of an uppercase R and an arrow, which is within the white space of the design. They work together to create a powerful symbol representing strength, determination, and progression. This design choice is a subtle nod to the brand’s skill-based and dedicated nature, further reinforcing Virginia Ready’s commitment to preparing individuals for their future careers. 



This concentrated campaign promoted CCWA’s Customer Service Credential in collaboration with Virginia Ready. Prior to this campaign, there were very few applications submitted. As a result of the Google Search and Social Campaigns, the team received 150+ vetted applicants who were Virginia residents with lower CPC and higher CTR than Google and FB education or employment standards.


1,672,813 Impressions

11,364 Landing Page Views

153 Applications Submitted


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