Enhancing Collaboration and Communication among Leading Urological Experts

Focal Therapy Society


The Focal Therapy Society (FTS) is a renowned international organization comprised of esteemed doctors, surgeons, and researchers in the urological field. Seeking a robust platform to foster interaction and idea-sharing among its members, FTS approached CURE to develop a cutting-edge website and an exclusive society communication tool.

Features Implemented:

  1. Member Directory: A comprehensive search functionality allows users to easily locate and connect with fellow society members. Profiles can display relevant information, including profile photos, creating a sense of community.
  2. Updates / Announcements: The intranet features site-wide activity walls, enabling members to post updates, engage in discussions, and share valuable insights. Various post types, such as photos, videos, links, quotes, and gifs, enhance the communication experience.
  3. Document Hosting / Publications: The platform includes a secure space for document hosting and publication sharing, ensuring members have easy access to essential resources within the society.
  4. Customized Resource Bookmarks: Members can bookmark specific resources of interest, facilitating easy navigation and personalized content curation.
  5. Integrated Login/Payment Portal: A self-managed login portal provides secure access to users worldwide. Members can reset passwords and create accounts independently, while administrators have the option to manage these functions.

Benefits and Results:

  1. Seamless Collaboration: Members can interact and exchange ideas on a global scale, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the urological community.
  2. Enhanced Discoverability: The member directory and site-wide search functionality enable efficient exploration of resources, profiles, and shared information, facilitating deeper engagement.
  3. Personalized Member Profiles: Each member has a comprehensive profile displaying contact details, social/professional links, CV information, and featured publications. The activities wall encourages interactions and updates between members.
  4. Private Messaging Platform: FTS extended their intranet with a robust member-to-member messaging system, ensuring secure and private communication. Members can exchange messages individually or in groups, fostering seamless collaboration.
  5. Notifications and Updates: Members receive profile notifications, keeping them informed about new messages and activity within the intranet. Site-wide notifications further enhance engagement by highlighting new activities, notifications, and internal messages.

We provided FTS with a dynamic intranet platform that facilitates effective communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among leading urological experts. The enhanced functionality and intuitive design have significantly strengthened the Focal Therapy Society’s mission to advance research and treatment in the field.


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