Rebuilding an online presence for a nonprofit dedicated to Richmond’s public schools.

Building a Better RPS


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CURE was selected to refine the messaging and brand of Building A Better Richmond Public Schools (BBRPS) while creating a new online presence for the organization. BBRPS is a nonprofit seeking to make Richmond’s inner-city public schools better for its students. The organization identifies and executes school beautification projects and improvements such as building repair, painting, and outdoor landscaping. BBRPS also organizes meal drop off and advocates for the general community led enrichment of Richmond Public Schools.

We were able to deliver an expedited and cost-efficient website utilizing Squarespace CMS for BBRPS. The organization’s team members needed to quickly create a new information hub during the mounting needs caused by the initial onset of COVID-19. The new site has enabled BBRPS to efficiently post volunteer opportunities, raise awareness for current initiatives, and receive applications for potential volunteers.




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