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AARP Services


Account Strategy
Data Design & Reporting
Influencer Program

CURE, in conjunction with Finn Partners, is currently serving as a member of the PR AOR team for AARP Services (ASI). This division of AARP recruits providers and communicates their benefits and discounts to AARP members.

CURE’s digital strategy expertise and data design complement the outreach and PR tactics of Finn Partners. CURE is primarily responsible for the brand’s Influencer Program. A series of campaigns are created annually to emphasize the larger marketing goals of each line of business: healthcare, finance, and lifestyle. Influencer outreach creates an alternative outlet to give brand partners additional value and exposure.

By understanding the goals of the client, our teams have come together to execute and present the results of our work efficiently and effectively. To display data and metrics, we initiated the design of a bespoke dashboard. Impressions, mentions, press hits, and influencer engagement can be seamlessly tabulated and results can be displayed by brand.

ASI is a prime example of CURE’s collaboration with a like-minded agency to create solutions and results for the world’s leading organizations.


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