Data visualization to enable patient education and insurance coverage.

Palmer College of Chiropractic


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CURE worked with Palmer College of Chiropractic in collaboration with FINN Partners to visually simplify complex data surrounding chiropractic care for their multi-page brochure. Unique infographics were created by section to clarify patient enabling data and preventative topics. To give the client even greater efficiency and value, we also strategically designed the graphics for dual use on social media.

This project is an example of our ongoing and effective collaboration with other agencies, including FINN Partners, on a multitude of clients. FINN created the white paper content which served as a base for this brochure. We were able to decipher the most impactful information to visually bring the message of chiropractic care to life. We determined and designed which aspects could be emphasized with infographics, photos, graphs, and pullout quotes.

Recently, CURE designed an informational poster for Palmer to distribute to Chiropractic offices, as well as a suite of social media posts for alumni to share.


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