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In order to enhance its brand and effectively attract student recruitment in specific geographic areas, the KIPP NJ team enlisted the expertise of CURE agency to strategize and design a new website.

With a network of 18 schools spanning New Jersey and a website consisting of over 60 pages, CURE’s initial objective was to ensure a consistent and cohesive user experience throughout the site. A comprehensive page content matrix was developed to organize all pages and content categories, allowing for a systematic evaluation of each page against the agreed-upon business objectives identified during the strategy phase. This assessment determined whether a page required rewriting or could remain unchanged.

Recognizing the crucial role of school enrollment in achieving organizational goals, CURE’s strategy revolved around expanding the KIPP NJ brand to incorporate additional colors, effectively utilized within a dynamic map to highlight the diverse school locations featured in the school directory. This strategic approach strengthened recruitment efforts across the organization, furthering KIPP NJ’s success in attracting students to its schools.


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