The Dwarf House®

CURE was provided with the unique opportunity to design and develop the campaign landing page for the Dwarf House® restaurant located in Hapeville, Georgia. The Dwarf House® (originally named the Dwarf Grill) is the birthplace of the Original Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwich.  The website was created to serve as both a storytelling website as well as […]

KIPP New Jersey

In order to enhance its brand and effectively attract student recruitment in specific geographic areas, the KIPP NJ team enlisted the expertise of CURE agency to strategize and design a new website. With a network of 18 schools spanning New Jersey and a website consisting of over 60 pages, CURE’s initial objective was to ensure […]

LiVi Lite

In collaboration with MSM, CURE agency developed LiVi Lite, a fully customizable platform for designing custom virtual event experiences, utilizing a multi-site WordPress install and a from-scratch theme to ensure user-friendly functionality for both participants and site administrators. LiVi Lite, a streamlined version of MSM’s existing virtual experience, “LiVi,” offers a cost-effective and efficient solution […]

By collaborating with, an education innovation nonprofit committed to providing every student with the opportunity to learn computer science, CURE agency played a crucial role in furthering their mission. We helped expand access to computer science education in schools, with a specific focus on increasing participation among young women and students from underrepresented […]

Kluge-Ruhe // University Of Virginia

CURE was proud to partner with The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection at the University of Virginia to develop a one-of-a-kind digital exhibition site for their upcoming exhibition, “Madayin.” Maḏayin is the result of a six-year collaboration between Kluge-Ruhe and Indigenous knowledge holders from the Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre in northern Australia. To set the context for […]

Dayspring Ventures

CURE worked with Dayspring Ventures to reinvent the consulting agency’s complete brand identity. DaySpring Ventures offers a hands-on, practical approach for businesses seeking growth planning and execution. Their new clean and minimal logo mark utilizes movement and direction to capture the “guided growth” offered to their clients. Other brand elements such as the social media […]

Building a Better RPS

CURE was selected to refine the messaging and brand of Building A Better Richmond Public Schools (BBRPS) while creating a new online presence for the organization. BBRPS is a nonprofit seeking to make Richmond’s inner-city public schools better for its students. The organization identifies and executes school beautification projects and improvements such as building repair, […]

Serve Virginia

Serve Virginia represents a more intentional partnership between the Virginia Service Commission (VSC), which operates within the Virginia Department of Social Services as the lead agency for volunteerism and service for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the Virginia Service Foundation, an independent 501(C)(3) organization. Serve Virginia’s vision is to build a culture of service in […]

Virginia Ready

Founded in 2020, a response to COVID-19 reskilling needs, Virginia Ready is helping Virginians take control of their futures by opening the doors to new career paths and advocating for employers to place equal weight on credential-based applicants (in comparison to those with two and four-year degrees). Virginia Ready approached CURE to reimage the future […]

Focal Therapy Society

The Focal Therapy Society (FTS) is a renowned international organization comprised of esteemed doctors, surgeons, and researchers in the urological field. Seeking a robust platform to foster interaction and idea-sharing among its members, FTS approached CURE to develop a cutting-edge website and an exclusive society communication tool. Features Implemented: Member Directory: A comprehensive search functionality […]