LiVi Lite

In collaboration with MSM, CURE agency developed LiVi Lite, a fully customizable platform for designing custom virtual event experiences, utilizing a multi-site WordPress install and a from-scratch theme to ensure user-friendly functionality for both participants and site administrators. LiVi Lite, a streamlined version of MSM’s existing virtual experience, “LiVi,” offers a cost-effective and efficient solution […]

By collaborating with, an education innovation nonprofit committed to providing every student with the opportunity to learn computer science, CURE agency played a crucial role in furthering their mission. We helped expand access to computer science education in schools, with a specific focus on increasing participation among young women and students from underrepresented […]

Serve Virginia

Serve Virginia represents a more intentional partnership between the Virginia Service Commission (VSC), which operates within the Virginia Department of Social Services as the lead agency for volunteerism and service for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the Virginia Service Foundation, an independent 501(C)(3) organization. Serve Virginia’s vision is to build a culture of service in […]

AARP Services

CURE, in conjunction with Finn Partners, is currently serving as a member of the PR AOR team for AARP Services (ASI). This division of AARP recruits providers and communicates their benefits and discounts to AARP members. CURE’s digital strategy expertise and data design complement the outreach and PR tactics of Finn Partners. CURE is primarily […]